Montesquieu Forum – Reinventing democracy

Montesquieu Forum

Reinventing democracy

Are you concerned about the  benefits and disruptions of technology innovations, about the current multiple convergent crises?

Are you wondering why governance of some countries or corporations is succeeding better than others in this challenging context?

Welcome to the Montesquieu Forum, where practitioners and academics are cooperating to improve public and corporate governance for the new age which is upon us.


Helping to meet the leadership challenges of the present times in Europe is the mission of the Montesquieu Forum.

Through exchanges between real world experiences and academic work, its members aim to innovate the practices of public and of corporate governance.

Incremental and radical Innovations of governance systems and methods are needed to develop agile, inclusive strategies for solving  today’s complex economic, societal and ecological issues and for contributing to the common goods of people.


The Montesquieu Forum has its roots in the research by its academic participants, in professional experiences of others, and in the advisory work on European governance  of the independent tripartite High Level Group on Innovation Policy Management (

Its operates as a networked platform, with its hub at the University of Reading, Henley Business School (UK).

Our challenge

Are global economic integration and national democracies incompatible?

The question raised in the Financial Times by one of today’s leading thinkers, Martin Wolf, points to the core issue for finding solutions for the convergent crisis which we suffer today.

If we want to preserve together our democracy, on which effective capitalist markets are based, and our welfare, which requires sustainable innovations and global trade, we will have to re-invent governance.