Method of working

The focus of the Forum’s work is on seeking governance innovation through the permanent interaction among practitioners from public, corporate and third sector governance and academics. The former bring the real world experience and challenges, the latter deliver the evidence based analysis and pathways to reform. Both aim at evidence based innovations of organisation and processes.  

Rigorous scientific research can reveal evidence of fault lines in complex realities and their multiple implications.  This is enabled through the academic network of the Montesquieu Forum which comprises of many prominent scholars in the governance, strategy and policy areas.

Solution finding will happen through intellectual exchanges in various forms, under Chatham House conditions, in order to ensure creativity and serendipity. Consensus based analysis and recommendation will be made publicly available under the Forum’s academic responsibility.

Scholars and researchers in the Montesquieu Forum will work to identify and  align horizontal and vertical fault lines in business and in government and between them, and to improve the implementation of strategy and policy, by taking into account the greater context within which both operate and seek to minimise purely transactional interests. They will account for contextual conditions for the development of collaborative governance in Europe and globally.

The Forum will provide “polycentric steering”, by leading academics and public and business governance practitioners. Its organisational hub is at the Henley Business School, University of Reading (UK). It is  financed by public and private donations and consortium funding.