Shall I get involved ?

The Forum will invite into its activities a wide array of people co-responsible for shaping (public or corporate) governance in the future : elected or appointed leaders of European institutions, national, regional and urban governments, Board directors and senior managers, trade union and third sector (civic society) leaders, and academics from universities or business schools and from think tanks studying governance modernisation.     

Scholars sharing their expertise can gain additional insight how to solve practical governance  problems which they are confronted with  in today’s kaleidoscope of interrelated issues.

The recognised high level of scholars invited, across cultural differences and with multiple  experiences, will enrich solution finding, by joining practical expertise with academic research, and help everyone to better succeed.

The success of  collaborative governance approaches is based on the input of multiple sources of evidence, a key ingredient for change management in turbulent times, as shown by those with successful experiences of continued sustainability in diverse circumstances.